A Dynamic Platform to Modernize and Digitize Trucking Operations

Advent’s eModal Data Services (eDS) platform enables motor carriers to streamline their operations and open new revenue streams by providing differentiated service to progressive BCOs and shippers looking to accelerate cargo velocity through the supply chain. Our API-as-a-service offers direct data integration that can revolutionize trucking operations by connecting your TMS/Dispatch Systems directly to critical port data and automation capabilities from the vast majority of ports & terminals in North America. 

eDS saves you time and money by:

  • eliminating the need to search websites for cargo status & availability information
  • automating the payment of terminal & cargo fees
  • allowing you to automatically schedule terminal appointments or pre-arrival notices to speed turn-times
  • keeping your customers up to date with automatic cargo movement notifications

eModal Data Services streamlines your daily operations by enabling systems to talk to systems and automating many of the repetitive tasks your customer service and dispatch personnel do every day via web searches, phone calls, faxes and email. 


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