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Port authorities and marine terminal operators worldwide trust Advent’s eModal® platform to drive process automation and dramatically speed cargo flow throughout the landside container network. With over 100,000 registered users, eModal® is the world's largest port collaboration platform, connecting ports and terminals to the global network of hauler & trucker communities. At any given moment each day, 30,000 users sign-on to to get the latest container status updates, make truck appointments and pay terminal fees at over 45 terminals and depots in North America. 

Advent has also created customized solutions on the eModal® platform to enable individual or multi-purpose port programs such as:

  • Environmental initiatives including clean truck programs that lessen the carbon impact of the port complex.
  • Appointment solutions to maximize marine terminal cargo velocity and operational efficiency within a terminal by enabling truckers and shippers to pre-advise their visit/cargo information prior to arrival.
  • Fee collection services used by port & terminal operators to collect usage fees automatically from stakeholders, minimizing impact on local staff to create and send bills, resolve credit card issues and manage collections.
  • Traffic mitigation programs to collect usage fees and help lessen the impact on local infrastructure by reducing port-related highway congestion.
  • Freight visibility & security initiatives via the eModal® Drayage Truck Registry (DTR) to provide port authorities with registration and validation of motor carriers/trucks and drivers as well as achieving full visibility of truck queues and congestion to ID all parties entering and leaving the port complex. 
  • Performance management initiatives to help port operators and trucking companies foster efficient cargo movement strategies.

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eModal™ Port and Terminal Operator Software Solution from Advent Intermodal


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Traffic Mitigation (PierPASS)

The Advent PCS’s interface incorporated an extensive knowledge of container terminal and shipping operations, which proved critical to enable OffPeak’s long-term success.

Clean Truck Program in LA/Long Beach

Advent outfitted over 20,000 trucks with RFID tags in order to track their movement in and out of the Ports, as well as to help assess and collect containerized freight fees that would ultimately help fund a fleet of new, clean-burning harbor trucks.

Performance Management in Sydney

Advent provides the solution to measure the effectiveness of improving competitive access and service arrangements of container movements between stevedores and transport carriers by monitoring truck turnaround times.

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