Chassis and equipment management software from Advent Intermodal Solutions offers intermodal equipment providers (IEPs) a fully integrated, end-to-end chassis and equipment management solution to control chassis usage and contracts, maintain their tariff(s) with repair vendors, review maintenance and repair (M&R) estimates submitted to them by their repair vendors, and maintain records of DVIR/DVER reporting on their chassis. It also serves as a common use website for M&R vendors to submit work orders and for trucking companies to quickly submit mandated DVIR/DVER reports before arriving a facility. offers pool operators and IEPs the following modules and services:

  • DVIR/DVER Reporting – Allows users to submit DVIR/DVER reports through the website, EDI, and mobile devices.
  • IEP M&R System – Manages the systematic maintenance and repair of intermodal assets, including tariff management, inspection, estimates, approval process, and invoicing.
  • Chassis gate control – enables automated billilng and helps protect against unauthorized use of a chassis significantly reducing IEP liability of exposure
  • Chassis provider management – Allows members of the intermodal community to match chassis providers with trucking companies (cooperative pool environment) while tracking interchange agreements, and managing exceptions for chassis usage based on set criteria.

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Consolidated Chassis Management

Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM) selected Advent to create the platform and provide an industry wide solution.

Chassis Gate Control

Advent developed a gate control solution supporting multiple implementation methods.


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