Advent Speaks & Sponsors TPM 2018 

By mike mayhew on Mar 1, 2018 11:16:52 PM

Advent's Allen Thomas joins conference panel at key container shipping event in Long Beach @ 3:30pm Monday March 5. 


Gridlock at the Gates: Mandating Appointments and Extended Gates?

The import surges caused by mega-ship calls are forcing beneficial cargo owners to take a harder look at truck turns times, and what marine terminals are doing to keep them down and predictable. Terminal operators, truckers, BCOs, and technology providers understand the factors that contribute to gate congestion, and they are implementing measures to eradicate the problems when possible, or at least mitigate the bottlenecks. The Harbor Trucking Association of Southern California has detailed data going back five years that tracks increased truck turn times due to peak-season volume surges, changes in vessel deployments due to carrier alliances and labor disruptions. The HTA also tracks improvements in turn times resulting from slack season drops in container volume, implementation of trucker appointment systems, and formation of neutral chassis pools. Terminal operators are adjusting to the mega-ship cargo surges with process improvements such as container dray-offs and peel-offs, extended gate hours, and trucker appointment systems. Technology providers have developed a number of tools that give truck dispatchers real-time visibility to gate queues and congestion at specific locations within the marine terminals. BCOs have developed their own preparedness programs to guard against interruptions in cargo flow, and to recover from incidents when they occur. The industry has made significant strides in reducing marine terminal gate congestion, but more work remains. This session will analyze the state of gate efficiency at North American ports, and where it needs to go to increase fluidity.

A full agenda of the conference can be found here

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