Port Everglades Terminal Selects eModal to Drive Cargo Visibility and Velocity

Dec 3, 2019 6:00:00 AM

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eModal PreGate and Fee Manager Applications to power new gate appointment system and automated fee payment capability for leading Florida container terminal

Port Everglades Terminal (PET), a 40 acre terminal in the South Port area of Port Everglades in Florida, has selected Advent’s eModal platform to meet its needs for an integrated gate appointment and automated fee payment solution.

“Today, marine terminal operators must move ever-increasing volumes of cargo through existing limited terminal acreage,” said Richard Rovirosa, CEO & General Manager, Port Everglades Terminal. “eModal’s PreGate and Fee Manager applications provide us the ability to improve gate flow and streamline our operations, ultimately expanding capacity and allowing more throughput while providing better visibility and service to our trucker and shipper community.”

The eModal PreGate and Fee Manager applications are part of the eModal Community Portal (eCP), the world’s largest independent port community platform. By leveraging eModal’s proven solutions for gate automation and fee management, PET can reduce gate turn times, improve cargo visibility and velocity, and automate online billing and collection of cargo fees to better control and streamline their operations.

“We are pleased that Port Everglades Terminal has selected the eModal Community Portal for their gate appointment and fee management needs,” said Parvez Mansuri, CEO, Advent Intermodal Solutions. “We look forward to working with PET to deliver integrated and innovative solutions that will support their service goals by simplifying and automating many day-to-day operational tasks, driving improved cargo velocity for all port stakeholders.”

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