Advent Introduces “Gate Control” for chassis providers

Apr 2, 2011 9:00:00 PM

Advent has introduced gate control technologies for chassis providers who have adopted a daily rental or pool business model.

As ocean lines move away from providing marine chassis in North America, equipment providers are increasingly interested and dependent on a motor carrier chassis model in which motor carriers pay per diem for chassis usage. This business model requires a gate control solution to validate whether a motor carrier is permitted to take a chassis out of a facility.

For this purpose, Advent developed an industry-wide gate control solution supporting multiple implementation methods. The solution is currently implemented at 12 facilities utilizing a live web service to verify a trucker’s status with the equipment provider whose chassis is to be used. The trucker may be “shut out” due to lack of being considered by interchange agreement, insurance, or for non-payment for chassis utilization. The gate control solution is being considered by the major chassis providers and has received the endorsement of the International Institute of Container Lessors (IICL).

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