Eagle Marine Global Gateway goes live with eModal in the Port of Los Angeles

Jul 13, 2014 9:00:00 PM

After months of preparation, the Eagle Marine Services (part of APL) Global Gateway facility in the Port of Los Angeles went live with Advent’s eModal appointment system on July 14, 2014, enforcing appointments and a 24-hour lead time on import container visits to the terminal.

Prior to implementing eModal, Eagle Marine Services (EMS) had recently transitioned from a primarily wheeled operation to a grounded container facility, due to space constraints at the Global Gateway South facility. As a result of the transition, EMS experienced growing pains that impacted their truck turn times. In order to rectify the issues and provide an equivalent level of service to their fully grounded operation, EMS elected to implement the eModal appointment system.

The primary function of eModal, implemented for import container delivery, is to allow EMS enough lead time to mount grounded import containers on chassis in preparation for truck visits. This process allows EMS to reduce turn times and offer a better trucker experience at their terminal. Additionally, the system will help EMS resolve “trouble” related issues experienced by truckers during the import delivery process.

mike mayhew

Written by mike mayhew

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