Advent in the News: The Panama Connection: By truck and rail, not canal

Nov 20, 2019 6:30:00 AM


Reprinted from FreightWaves / American Shipper, article by Greg Miller, Senior Editor

When people think Panama vis-à-vis shipping, they think of the canal. It’s actually a lot more complicated and interesting than that.

Panama boasts an integrated multi-modal transport network made up of container terminals at either mouth of the waterway linked by both a rail line and a highway, allowing for train and truck moves in either direction between the coasts. Container lines don’t just pass through Panama via the canal, they also utilize the country’s "land bridge.”

This transport complex, comprising multiple stakeholders and competing interests, is ripe for digitalization.

New Jersey-based Advent Intermodal — which has already implemented its eModal port-collaboration platform in Oakland, California; the Port of New York & New Jersey; the Virginia Port Authority; and soon, the ports of South Carolina — is taking up the challenge.

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