What Does Advent Do for the Landside Supply Chain?

June 12, 2018


 If you manage landside supply chain container logistics, odds are you waste precious time every day searching for missing information on your cargo, sending repeated emails, endlessly updating spreadsheets...

And yet, you’re still left in the dark about what’s important: where the heck your cargo is right NOW.

We live and work on the go with instant access to an entire world of information literally in our hands. But here you are - filling out forms, pushing paper, pressing buttons and sending faxes...FAXES! Are you kidding me!?

Well...we hear you! Meet eModal™ and eModalPRO™ from Advent Intermodal Solutions. Cloud-based, real-time collaboration platforms that are revolutionizing landside logistics for port authorities, terminal operators, motor carriers, trucking companies, and shippers around the world.

We’ve taken the time to ask the right questions and listen to our industry, enabling us to deliver unique innovations that provide tangible value to all stakeholders moving containerized cargo through the supply chain.

The real question..."what does this mean to me and my business?" Well, it means getting both real-time visibility AND control of your cargo throughout its lifecycle…from port, to depot, to door.

There is no software or hardware to buy or maintain. Just log-in and get to work. We offer extensive APIs, enabling system-to-system communication that gets data moving between all stakeholders to improve container visibility and eliminate those mundane, manual tasks you do every day to manage your cargo.

We offer predictive cargo availability feeds and automation - a first-of-its-kind innovation that tells you accurately when to expect your import loads, then automatically secures terminal appointments based on those projections.

With Advent, all key events are wrapped into a single, digital platform, available from any device you choose.

Welcome to the future of landside supply chain where the power is in your hands.

Advent Intermodal Solutions simplifies landside logistics and container tracking from port to door.

Contact us to learn more and get started.


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