eModal PortCheck : the collaboration hub for entire port communities

By stefanie gesiorski on April 19, 2019

PortCheck is a powerful extension of our eModal Community Portal (ECP) that gives all your stakeholders port-wide cargo visibility, terminal and vessel information, and execution control...all from a single, customizable portal. And since it's built on the trusted eModal platform and our existing data & appointment integrations with dozens of terminals, it can be customized and launched in a matter of months.

eCP v1.3

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Navigating the Black Hole of Port and Terminal Data

By stefanie gesiorski on March 29, 2019

 When it comes to managing your inbound logistics, getting your arms around all of the variables involved in tracking your cargo can often be a Herculean task. You may know the ATA of the vessel carrying your shipment and the terminal where it will dock, but that may be where a solid line of information stops. When will the cargo be ready for pickup? What kind of delays could you be up against? What kind of extra fees can you expect? This visibility gap in the supply chain is frequently referred to as the “black hole” of port and terminal data.

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eModal Data Services:  Get Data Moving. Get Cargo Moving.

By stefanie gesiorski on March 6, 2019


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