eModal to drive inland digitization and connectivity in South Carolina

By stefanie gesiorski on May 3, 2019

Port of CharlestonCongratulations to South Carolina Ports Authority (SCPA) for a successful go-live at the Port of Charleston’s Wando Welch and North Charleston terminals. As part of Phase Two of the Port of Charleston project, SCPA will implement the eModal Community Portal (eCP) later this year.

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Digitizing Cargo Flow from Port to Depot to Door

By stefanie gesiorski on March 29, 2019

Let’s say the vessel bringing your shipment from overseas has just arrived in port. Unbeknownst to you, an unexpected work slowdown has affected offloading and started a domino effect on the ultimate ETA of the delivery. Your staff is trying their best to monitor the progress of the container movement, but information isn’t readily available. Gathering this info will take some time because it’s all done manually through phone calls, emails, websites—even faxes in some cases. In other words, there will be a buzz of communication activity that provides less than current information, takes up time, adds frustration and more often than not, increases the cost of doing business.

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What Does Advent Do for the Landside Supply Chain?

By allen thomas on June 12, 2018


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A Snail’s Pace: How to Boost Landside Cargo Velocity

By allen thomas on May 24, 2018

It’s all good...until it's not! If you're like most shippers, you are continually frustrated by erratic transit times on your cargo moving through ports and the rest of your landside supply chain. Your customers are demanding, so maintaining consistent delivery schedules is critical to keeping them happy. Slow or inconsistent cargo velocity is a serious issue that warrants fast, effective action. We’ve put together this list of common causes for delays to help identify pain points and allow you to proactively mitigate any potential issues.

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