The 2017 Internet Trends report : insight for your business

June 1, 2017

It's that time of year again...Mary Meeker has released her annual Internet Trends Report, listing an enormously detailed compilation of key stats, trends, and insight on what’s happening in technology right now.

Get Mary Meeker's full 2017 Internet Trend Report here c/o the smart folks at VC firm Kleiner Perkins.

Mary's insight  is generally regarded as a highly accurate indicator on where technology is headed, especially in the web and mobile worlds. Since Advent spends most of its waking hours thinking how to create digital tech platforms which drive our supply chain customers businesses, we felt the need to share! Here are a few major items in the report:

The macro view: we're alright! Well, except maybe the USA...

Mary always provides easily digestible data on our geo-political state.  Seems that mortality rates and poverty are falling globally. Income and democracy are rising...except in the US(see considerable debt data in the MACRO TRENDS section of the report.  Not good...   

Digital media is booming

This is obvious for most of us...we live and breathe digitally through much of our lives.  What's interesting in the report is how we consume digital contentIf you sell anything and are not producing your own digital content (i.e. video, blogs, social media, etc.), you need to start(and learn).  Put this on your budget and calendar ASAP!  

Smartphone sales are slowing

In the last year, shipments grew only 3%, down from 10% from the prior year. Is this a concern? Not really in our's still a perfect opportunity to build innovation into your customer's mobile experience.  And if not now...when?

Mobile advertising growth is growing...and mobile video is BOOMING!

There's tremendous opportunity to create amazing customer experiences via mobile. Mary's key point here is that time spent with media on your mobile device is still increasing faster than the ad spend growth rate.  Video is booming and expected to rule the internet, especially in terms of advertising, by 2020.

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