Advent bringing Panama Canal area container terminals together to improve cargo visibility

November 6, 2019

The Portal for Panama is a new initiative bringing together intermodal stakeholders across the Panama Canal region on a shared, neutral information platform for collaborative cargo visibility and control.

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Stephen Shaffer of Colon Container Terminal, Juan Carlos Croston of Manzanillo International Terminal, Allen Thomas of Advent eModal, and Mario Pérez Balladares of Panama Transhipment Group present the Portal for Panama session at TOC Americas in Cartagena, October 2019.

Born of extensive community outreach with key terminal operators, shippers, truckers and other stakeholders in the Panama Canal region, the Portal for Panama is intended to foster collaboration and improve cargo visibility by leveraging the proven eModal Community Portal (eCP) port community system.

The portal is already gaining momentum. The first goal is to create a single, centralized information hub that will integrate directly with the existing systems of the five Panama Canal area container terminals to digitize and drive critical data to all port stakeholders. "We have now completed integration with Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT) and we are starting to test with Colon Container Terminal (CCT)," said Allen Thomas, Advent's Chief Strategy Officer.

The portal is also gaining the attention of the intermodal community thanks a packed-house session at TOC Americas in Cartagena at the end of October, as reported in The Loadstar.

For more information and the latest developments, visit the Portal for Panama information site.

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