How to Tell You Run (or Use) an UnGate: The 7 Key Signs of Streamlined Terminal Entry

July 18, 2017


Since introducing the UnGate concept a few weeks ago, we’ve had a flood of questions on the topic.  The most common?

What are the critical defining features of an UnGate operation and how will I know when I’m operating one – or visiting one?


After discussing this internally and polling views from subject matter experts, gate automation suppliers and terminal operators, here’s our checklist of the top 7 UnGate elements:

  1. A PreGate Process 
  2. No Data Entry at the Gate
  3. No Paper at the Gate
  4. Automated Equipment ID
  5. No People in the Lanes, Ever
  6. Simple Security
  7. A Fast, Integrated Exception Handling Process

We've expanded the 7 signs of an UnGate into a handy eBook you can download and refer back to.  Download the eBook below by telling us a bit about yourself and we'll keep you updated with curated blog content, usually once a month.  Click below to get the eBook.

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