Reduce unladen and unnecessary trips to the port or terminal.


The eModal® Empty Manager is a solution for truckers to facilitate empty “street turns.” Whether you have an empty container that needs to be returned to the port or you are seeking an empty for a booking, the eModal Empty Manager provides a straight-forward, intuitive application to connect both parties and eliminate unnecessary and unladen trips to the port.

As an import trucker, simply publish your empty container, its characteristics, and location and instantly let others know that the empty is available for a street turn. As an export trucker, search for empties in your area, reserve the one that meets the criteria for your booking, and complete the turn. Both parties are continuously updated about the street turn status, and both can download or print a street turn receipt once completed.

With the eModal Empty manager, truckers can:

  • Reduce unladen trips to the port complex or terminal
  • Access a no touch, contactless means of exchanging empty equipment
  • Reduce traffic in and around the port
  • Decrease emissions in the port area
  • Increase truck fleet utilization / efficiency
  • Print street turn receipts when completed

The application is free to use and can be accessed using your existing eModal credentials. If you are not already a registered eModal user, you can register from the Empty Manager application.



Empty Mgr - Publishing a Street Turn


Empty Mgr - Reserving a  Street Turn



Download the Empty Manager User Guide

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If you are a trucking company and would like to begin using eModal® Empty Manager, simply sign on to using your existing eModal account, or reach out to us to learn more.

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