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eModal.com is a hosted, SaaS solution that allows our port authority & terminal customers to manage truck registries, offer terminal appointments, empty return instructions, chassis & truck contract validation, chassis rental billing, and terminal fee payments. 

eModal.com is the world's largest port community portal and the industry standard in the United States.  it is used by 40 ports/terminals to help streamline the landside logistics operations of over 79,000 registered users while processing or automating 10,000,000 container transactions per month.  

eModal.com offers the following modules and services:

  • Truck Appointments and Pre-Arrival – An appointment and pre-arrival management system. Integrates with terminal operating system through EDI or via a custom interface.
  • Import Container Availability – A solution to view the location and status of import container(s). Container inquiries can be performed directly or via data integration with a host system.
  • Drayage Truck Registry – A subscription-based service that is one of the largest motor carrier registries in the United States.
  • Export Booking Management
  • Fee Collection – Provides fee collection services for all aspects of the intermodal service chain, including demurrage, storage detention, exam, and port fees.
  • RFID Tag Management and Fulfillment – Comprehensive tag management services, including tag fulfillment, customer service, and 24/7 support.
  • Chassis Rental Management and Billing – A solution for any company interested in managing contracts with motor carriers and collecting usage fees from motor carriers or cargo owners.

For more information, or to register, please visit: www.eModal.com