eModal® Data Services (EDS) enables automated, digital collaboration between container terminals and the operating systems of key supply chain stakeholders, like shippers, 3PLs and motor carriers. 

Building upon the widespread adoption of eModal®, North America's largest port community portal, EDS helps BCOs and their logistics partners reduce the time spent manually searching for container tracking and status information and planning their operations by directly integrating key data securely between all systems. With the vast majority of container terminals participating in the US, odds are we have the data connections you're looking for.

The result is a far more streamlined and automated end-to-end process that eliminates searching websites, emails, phone calls and confusing spreadsheets typically used to collect and share information about the status of your containers moving through the supply chain.


How does EDS work?

EDS gets data flowing between systems, automatically. You simply send us a message (electronically, via your TMS or dispatch system) of the container numbers (for imports) or booking numbers (for exports) that you want to track and manage. We'll add them to a secure, virtual 'watchlist' and start scanning over 45 terminal locations for the latest status information.

Usually within 15 minutes we'll respond back with an update noting (for imports) vessel ETA, container availability, fees due, holds, etc. Then we keep updating you any time information on your import cargo has changed. For exports, as you know the containers associated to the booking, we'll inform the terminal and, if required, make a pre-arrival notification to speed your terminal entry. And what's more, if you know the SCAC code of the intermodal drayage carrier who's moving the container, we can keep them updated with the same stream of information as well.


What about appointments and fees?

EDS allows you to automatically make pre-gates and timed appointments and pay fees automatically -- from any of your terminals -- all through one simple interface.


Where is the data coming from?

We manage first-party containerized cargo data for more than 45 terminal locations across the US. Because of the widespread use of our industry standard eModal® port community platform, you'll receive your tracking/status information from and automate your operations directly with the port or terminal moving your cargo.


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[fa icon="plus-square"] I'm already an eModalPRO customer. Will this change how I receive import status updates?
No. Unless you'd like to take advantage of our faster REST API's, you don't have to change a thing with the new service.  You can, however, take advantage of a host of new features we're adding. 
[fa icon="plus-square"] What does EDS cost?
The starter package (up to 1000 import containers/mo.) is only $500/mo. plus a one-time $500 setup charge to test everything. From there, pricing is variable based on your container volume and the optional services you choose (e.g. exports, making appointments, paying terminal fees, etc.).  Per container rates start at only $.50¢/ea and include ALL key events in an imports shipment lifecycle (including the empty container return).
[fa icon="plus-square"] What ports and terminals do you work with?
Over 45 US terminals and depots share data with eModal™ including nearly all major sites on the USWC. Let us know a bit about your cargo flow below and we'll let you know, by terminal, how you're covered.
[fa icon="plus-square"] How long until I get data flowing?
Typically 2-3 weeks after sign-up for basic container availability status. Additional services to notify partners or to make Pre-advise/appointments with all your terminals adds more time.
[fa icon="plus-square"] What interface methods do you support to exchange data?
REST API's are preferred but we also offer EDI, FTP and SMTP integration.  Let us know how to reach you below and we'll send you our EDS Integration Guide that explains all the technical details. 
[fa icon="plus-square"] What else can I do with EDS?
Share data with your team or your partners (like your motor carrier), make terminal pickup appointments (or export pre-advise), pay fees and lots more.  All directly from your TMS or dispatch system.  You'll also get free access to dashboards and metrics about your cargo via eModalPRO.com.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Is there a minimum contract term for the service?
Subscriptions are paid each month with no long-term commitments required.  If you don't find it valuable, just tell us and we'll cancel the service.
[fa icon="plus-square"] How do I sign up?

Give us some basic contact info below and we'll arrange a time to discuss your operations and make sure EDS is a good fit.

[fa icon="plus-square"] How does EDS help me? What's the ROI?
EDS helps eliminate some of the routine tasks your clerical/admin staff perform each day such as searching or updating container information, making appointments and paying fees. Typically, this equates to 22 mins of time saved per container through its lifecycle.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Is EDS available now?
Yes, for both import and export data exchange between any of our participating terminals in the US.  We expect to add Advance PreGate and Fee Payment functions soon.

Get started with EDS

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