Applies to: Terminal Operator
Platform: Professional services consulting engagement

Function: Buy/Build analysis for a new breakbulk TOS


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SSA Marine retained Advent Professional Services to lead an exhaustive analysis of both common and unique operating practices over its network of breakbulk terminals in North America in hopes of providing insight on whether to buy or build a next generation TOS to run its facilities.   

Independent Analysis & Insight

In 2017, Stevedoring Services of America (SSA) Marine embarked upon a project to update its strategic business direction. A key outcome of that endeavor was the need for a new TOS to revolutionize its breakbulk and general cargo terminal operations.

SSA awarded Advent a contract to work with executives and operations experts to outline a collective, five terminal set of requirements for a new TOS solution and then provide a strategic buy/build recommendation considering the globally available market offerings. The Advent team worked first to document the unique feature sets needed to support SSA's varied terminal operations. The analysis covered the operational, organizational and customer needs that would eventually make up the optimum solution.

The buy / build analysis included:

  • Leveraging the analysis collected to date to create a conceptual solution framework
  • Identifying the minimum feature set required to support future operations among all terminals
  • A solution storyboard which allowed SSA to envision how the final solution would flow for the operation
  • A solution outline with buy and build functions identified and documented
  • Independent market analysis and scoring of available "off the shelf" solutions
  • Cost estimates for the build and rollout phases, including short list of qualified industry vendors 
  • Functional specifications and business requirements to be used to support a buy or build solution decision
  • Timeline & milestones for build and rollout phases

The effort concluded with a detailed report and analysis of available vendors, options, costs and timelines to allow SSA to determine a direction forward in support of their expanding business in this segment.


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