Applies to: Port & Terminal Operators

Platform: Professional Services to customize a white-label version of eModal

Function: A common port community system for all Va. Ports

Why Advent?

  • Existing eModal code base enabled customization with reduced project timeline and risk
  • Experieinced Advent project team led effort from start to finish
  • Prior eModal TOS integrations reduced deployment time, complexity 

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Leveraging eModal PortCheck, a customized, white-label version of the eModal Community Portal, the Port Authority of Virginia has provided its entire stakeholder community with a single window collaboration platform providing container status, motor carrier truck registration, terminal reservations and an integrated mobile app.

A Common Port Community Platform to Drive Trade

The Port of Virginia and their associated stakeholder community have been eModal users since 2013. The eModal platform was initially implemented at the port’s Norfolk International Terminal (NIT) to support an appointment program implemented across multiple cargo types. The operational purpose of this program was to help meter truck flow at their gate complex and to prevent bottlenecks at their yard equipment staging areas defined for the transfer of cargo to straddle carrier operations. 

At the time of the initial eModal implementation, The Port of Virginia was also experiencing lengthy wait times for the trucking community servicing their facilities and an overwhelming reluctance on their part to adopt the appointment system. The Virginia trucking community was extremely hesitant to embrace this approach, as they felt it would lead to more work on their part without improved turn times at the NIT facility. Because of this reluctance to participate, the port extended a thorough community outreach campaign to educate the trucking community and to ultimately promote their buy in and adoption of the eModal appointment system. Advent worked with Port of Virginia personnel and trucking community leaders to convey the value of the appointment system during trucker work group forums, webinars and overall outreach to help improve the NIT experience. 

The port experienced some initial success in the form of clout with a skeptical trucking community and improved terminal queue and turn times, however they came to believe that for the Port of Virginia to grow as a legitimate east coast option for larger ships and their BCO customers, and to attract these constituents, the appointment system was only a small part of the overall solution to help improve their productivity.


Fast forward to 2016, with the Port of Virginia on the heels of their Navis N4 TOS upgrade and in the midst of a major infrastructure project, the port approached Advent about the possibility of implementing a larger, more complex solution to complement the investment in their new gate complex. The Port of Virginia understood that their infrastructure investment also required an upgrade in their TOS, related technologies and overall operational approach to take advantage of the efficiencies in their new gate complex.  Advent was re-engaged to work within a team of vendors that included RFID technology integrators, gate system providers and system integration partners to deliver a solution including a custom branded portal for the Port of Virginia stakeholder community. With a desire to ride the wave of familiarity and limited success the port had achieved with the eModal appointment system, Advent proposed a solution for a custom branded community portal powered by eModal. The Port of Virginia realized the value of this approach and implemented this solution for the stakeholder community under their proprietary Port of Virginia Pro-Pass brand. The solution consists of the following eModal functionality:

  • eModal PreGate – Appointment and pre-advice solution
  • eModal Community Portal – Visibility portal for import and export cargo and vessel schedules.
  • eModal Mobile – Mobile application for import container availability and eModal PreGate support
  • eModal Drayage Truck Registry - Trucking company, truck and driver registry with RFID tag support
  • eModal RFID tag distribution and management services

The Port of Virginia project is relatively new and on-going, however the initial implementation and adoption at the Norfolk International Terminal (NIT) has exceeded expectations for the Port of Virginia. The eModal PreGate system, Drayage Truck Registry and Community Portal are currently implemented to support this operation on the form of the Port of Virginia Pro-Pass brand. This solution will soon be expanded to support operations at the Virginia International Gateway (VIG) and future implementations at facilities in Portsmouth, Richmond and inland port locations. The partnership will also empower the Port of Virginia to stay aligned with the core eModal user base, as the “white labeled” implementation of eModal for the port keeps them aligned with the same code base, enhancements and release schedule provided to other port and terminal users of the eModal portal.

For more information, please visit: ProPass Virginia 


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