Applies to: Shipping lines, Terminal operators
Platform: Professional Services, Development

Function: Custom development of back office/ operating system

Est. Read Time: 3 min

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In 1999 “K” Line contracted Advent to develop from scratch a global terminal operating system to replace a mashup of back office systems and drive the business forward

From Complexity to Simplicty...

Advent developed an n-tier application — with multiple middle tier servers deployed throughout the world — based on a single centralized Oracle database. While benefiting from the “thicker” Microsoft Visual Basic platform client, the system deploys automatically to the client via the middle tier server. This approach, revolutionary at the time, allowed “K” Line to deploy the application globally without having to visit each desktop for an installation.


This project — completed in just under 18 months — reduced risk and increased ROI for KLine compared to other development options. Advent maintained the system for all “K” Line offices worldwide for three years prior to transitioning maintenance of the system to an internal IT group. The system is currently in use in every country in which “K” Line does business.


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