Applies to: IEP, Terminal Operator


Function: validation/authorization of chassis usage by truckers

Why Advent?

  • Enterprise platform capability supports millions of transactions
  • Fast deployment
  • Proven billing integrations

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Any chassis provider or IEP can securely validate and authorize a trucker removing a terminal chassis in real time through a common centralized platform:

Real time chassis usage & validation drives gate velocity

As ocean lines exit the chassis supply game in North America, equipment providers are increasingly dependent on the chassis rental model, in which motor carriers pay per diem charges for chassis usage. This model requires a distributed gate control solution to validate whether a motor carrier is permitted by a specific chassis or equipment provider to take a chassis out of a facility. To tackle this challenge, Advent developed a gate control solution supporting multiple implementation methods.

With the new Advent Chassis Gate Control system, marine terminal and depot operators alike are now able to sign up, download, and configure gate control chassis validation services by creating a free account on the website. Chassis providers provide the complementary reference and fleet data used during the live validation calls, also through the platform.

As the chassis paradigm in North America continues to evolve, the need for a gate control solution will become a necessity for providers. At facilities where gate control technology has been adopted, equipment providers have seen a substantial decrease in unauthorized chassis usage. In turn, providers who have endorsed the technology have seen substantial financial savings and a decrease in damage to their assets by unauthorized or delinquent users.


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