Applies to: Terminal Operator
Platform: Professional Services custom development

Function: Design, development & support of mission critical terminal and back-office applications


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Since 2010, APM Terminals has relied on Advent Professional Services to provide a custom-developed enterprise terminal appointment system as well as ongoing development and support of over 12 mission critical terminal and back-office applications  

Custom Enterprise Appointment System

As a web-based transactional application, the primary users of the system are the trucking community (dispatchers), consignees and possibly US Customs. The appointment system encompasses all gate transaction types with users reserving time periods for container pick up and drop off. The appointment system has the ability to set different time periods by day of the week and by transaction type. It can set maximum limits on the number of appointments by transaction type, time period and by groups of yard blocks. The application includes the collection of pre-advice data when arranging the appointment. Appointment data is also visible in the TOS for yard planning and allocations.

Professional Services – Development and Support – Back-Office Transport Applications

Since 2010, APM Terminals has also relied on Advent Professional Services to develop, enhance and support over 12 mission critical back-office systems in support of their operations. Advent’s project and development teams provide consulting services, development and support for systems managing terminal operations, fee payments, accounting and other critical functions. 


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