Connect. Collaborate. Control. 

Do you struggle to integrate your (and your partners) logistics software platforms to get the ‘total picture’ of containerized cargo flow? The innovation leaders in our industry are ushering in a new era of efficiency tied to open partnerships and data integrations that eliminate the 'black holes' where shippers lose sight and control of their cargo. 

Allen Thomas from Advent Intermodal Solutions

Listen to Allen Thomas, Chief Strategy Officer for Advent Intermodal Solutions, for a practical webinar presentation explaining how direct data connections up and down your supply chain can dramatically enhance your operations. 


Allen examines and unlocks the following topics:

  • Tools that shippers, 3PLs and motor carriers can use to see clearly through the traditional ‘black holes’ of port and terminal data silos
  • The importance of data transparency and accessing first-party data in real time
  • Why software partnerships are often required to enable complete ‘end-to-end’ visibility and executional control over your cargo
  • How to reduce overhead and staff inefficiencies and let your TMS/host system make key decisions for you, automatically
  • Simple steps shippers can follow to leverage open APIs and integrate data and process automation into their own platforms
  • How to leverage digital platforms and mobile apps to integrate and manage depot, dray, M&R and billing operations

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