About Advent Intermodal Solutions

Advent Intermodal Solutions is a leader in IT and cloud-based software solutions that streamline the mission-critical operations of port & terminal operators and key stakeholders moving freight through the landside logistics network. Established in 1995, Advent has steadily evolved from a custom software development firm into a multinational solutions company providing Platform As A Service (PaaS) offerings that help digitize and accelerate entire business lines for our customers.

Advent's growth was greatly enhanced through its 2012 merger with eModal®, the world's largest port community system. Now, more than 50 port authorities and container terminals and over 140,000 users trust Advent and its eModal.com technology platform to optimize their operations every day. Advent has built a successful container logistics solutions practice providing systems for the management of individual and multipurpose port/terminal programs enabling truck-tracking & landside performance management, environmental programs, traffic mitigation, fee collection, and appointment/pre-arrival solutions to drive gate and cargo velocity. Advent technology is at the core of operations in 8 of the top 10 largest port communities in North America.



From regional terminal operator groups to individual operating landlord port authorities, Advent enables port users to streamline their freight movements through our cloud-based solutions for vehicle booking and truck appointment systems, truck-tracking and landside performance management, clean truck management and fee collection solutions. For those seeking a custom solution, Advent’s Consulting Services team helps all parties in the landside supply chain to maximize their investments in advanced technology solutions, new business processes and digitization initiatives by aligning them with an organization's strategic plan.

  • We believe in a better way of doing business where equality and transparency among ALL stakeholders in the container supply chain is the fastest path to sustainable success
  • We are obsessed with continual improvement of our industry and our customer's operations
  • We believe a smarter, simpler and sustainable solution always wins the day

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